Ducted Systems: The Perfect Temperature Control Solution

A ducted system really is the perfect temperature control solution for year round comfort. A fully functioning system provides you with cooling, heating and humidity control throughout your entire home.
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The Flexibility You Need

When you choose a ducted system, you have the option of zoning which gives you the ability to isolate areas. You can instruct your system to cool or heat one or more zones simultaneously. For example, it could be living areas during the day and bedrooms at night. Zoning allows you to achieve the comfort temperature in much less time than it would take to condition the air in your entire home. You save on running costs as well as conserving energy.
Repairing of the air conditioner ducting

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How Does Ducted Air Conditioning Work?

Ducted air conditioning operates from a central fan unit, which is located in your roof or sub-floor space. Air is distributed from the fan unit via flexible ducting delivering air to unobtrusive floor or ceiling air grilles. An outdoor condenser unit is located outside your home; this provides the heating or the cooling to the fan unit via refrigerated gas. Copper pipes and electrical control wiring connect the indoor fan unit and the outdoor condenser unit.

Duct Work

The sizing of ducting is extremely important, as ducting which is undersized will deliver insufficient air to the relative area. This may also cause unacceptable air noise at the air grille.

With Eastern Suburbs Air you can relax knowing that the ducting installed will be correct. It will also be fire rated, rodent proof and comes with an enormous 25-year warranty.

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